Bella Bu Bistro and Tapas Bar: genuine, local and young talent in Genoa

Genoa has to be one of the best kept secret in Italy. It has been the most important port town for ages but now it is not exactly the first travel destination for tourists and it is a shame because it is really a magical multicultural place. Walking trough a little messy alley and finding ourselves in front of this cute shiny tapas bar was a wonderful surprise as well.
Ok, that's a lie: a friend of mine happened to know the owner of the place from college and she knew exactly that she wanted to bring us to Bella Bu when we were in town...But still. 
I wasn't expecting to find this kind of place, that is for sure: you see a lot of super small, old food joints in Genoa and they don't care so much about the food/service...But  Bella Bu is different. 

From the moment you walk in you feel like every single thing is well thought out: from the design on the Menu boards to the apron of the waitress' uniform. Then you meet Guendalina and that feeling becomes a certainty: a young charismatic woman who made the best of her knowledge of the food    industry and gave new life to an already existing space. I love when the old meets the new, it creates a sort of alchemy that brings people togheter! You can find pretty much everyone in a place like this: the hippy local, the group of friends from all over the world, a cute English couple with a dog and even a Hen's Party!

It is a Bistro kind of place and they are open only in the evening: they offer Aperitivo, dinner and drinks up until 1/2. The formula is easy and that makes it successful: great quality products served with elegance (but never pretentious or stuck-up) paired up with a great variety of organic wines (yes...they are all organic). I think it all reflects the vibe of the city on that matter because Genoa is a very 'chilled' place with a great community of South Americans immigrants (now on their second/third generation) and people are sooo collected and calm; coming to Bella Bu fells like a perfect match for this kind of 'chilled living' and, coming from loud messy Rome, I greatly enjoyed it.

We had dinner and opted for a pasta dish (no wonder). Their 'best seller' is this Vongole Linguini topped with fresh crumbs and I quite liked it; I would have preferred the pasta itself to be a little bit more 'al dente' but maybe in the Liguria Region they like their pasta 'well-cooked'. I say that because I tried another pasta dish and the 'problem' persisted. I then had a fish dish and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. One thing that I always keep attention to is the bread basket because usually if they put effort into that you know that they care about everything else.. Trust me!It is totally true. Bella Bu's was spot on.
Next time I think I will just sit at the bar and definitely try their aperitivo platter..they serve good cheese and salami but they also make their own 'finger food'. The prices are fair: the products are fresh, the service is very attentive, the wine selection is pretty good (you are gonna have to be open-minded and  willing to try new things) and the ambience is suitable to a wide range of 'clients'.

Bella Bu Bistrot
Address: Vico Inferiore del ferro 9/11, 16124, Genoa
Phone: +39 0102474209 

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