Sardoa, wine Aperitivo: where Sardinia and Spain meet for an explosion of fun

Whether you are a food fanatic or an aficionados of summer trips to Italy and Europe in general, Sardinia is undoubtably a region which deserves a visit and I am not just saying that because I have been going there for the past four years...Am I?! The sea is wonderful, the food choice is varied and the people are nice...If you are nice to them. All kidding aside, this might be my favorite place in Italy.

Every single summer I take the ferry from Rome, spend 6 long hours trying not to vomit on people and drive my car to a family house in Alghero, a former Spanish colony located in the upper-west side of the Sardinia island. But...don't you get tired of going to the same place over and over? Yes, I do. But when the blues kicks in I go and visit the lovely people of Sardoa's!Some sparkling wine, some tapas and all is right with the world.

The city centre at night is always busy but Piazza Duomo is pretty easy to find and, most importantly is relatively quite. Sardoa is easy to spot too: colorful seating made out of wooden fruit-box, a pink bicycle hanging next to the restaurant sign and yellow and blue tables that contrast with the bright crystal glasses filled with wine. It is the kind of place that makes tourists wanna peek in and have a look even when they are not planning on eating. Needless to say, I always go in and eat my heart out.


Sandri Patisserie: a fancy Italian Bar in Perugia that may (not) surprise you.

I do not know how many of you might have heard of Perugia. Do names like Eurochocolate, Umbria jazz festival, Renaissance, University for Foreigners ring any bell? They sure do to me: I spent my first three years of College in this tiny medieval city in the earth of the Umbria region and, needless to say, it has changed me quite a bit. It was the first time I was living by myself (sharing an apartment with 4 other girls to be honest but I remember loving it) and that meant having to figure out trustworthy places in which we could 'collect' food in order to survive. Kebab, Taralli and Gocciole cookies were a favourite of my friends and I but we were also pretty fond of Chinese takeouts...Basically anything cheap that would fill our bellies if you haven't grasped the concept already. But then...There it was...Right at the center of the Main Street of Perugia: Sandri Patisserie.

 I would stare at Sandri's windows like a baby would stare at a huge pink stuffed bear. I remember watching the waiters run back and forth with their steady but reassuring way of walking, carrying heavy silver trays of warm steaming cups of chocolate or tea tasting platters. I desperately wanted to go in and maybe get a tray of sweets to bring back home for the Sunday lunch or just take some time to watch people have their espresso or gelato..But I never did! Do not ask me why, maybe it wasn't the right time for me and window shopping was enough.


Niasca Portofino: pesto, evo and fine soft drinks from Liguria with love

Portofino is a lovely town located in the Liguria region and it is mostly famous because of its fancy flair. In evidence of that I can say, with some hint of shame, that I saw Silvio Berlusconi' son, PierSilvio (very creative name right?!) jogging along the streets in tight white sportswear once so...
Every summer million of tourists fill up with colors and sounds (I love tourists) this tiny city to relax onto their huge boats or just grab a focaccia with pesto at the local bakery or, why not, explore the nearby bay areas.

Check out these lovely pictures made by my fellow Instagrammer Victoria aka @freelemons