Sardoa, wine Aperitivo: where Sardinia and Spain meet for an explosion of fun

Whether you are a food fanatic or an aficionados of summer trips to Italy and Europe in general, Sardinia is undoubtably a region which deserves a visit and I am not just saying that because I have been going there for the past four years...Am I?! The sea is wonderful, the food choice is varied and the people are nice...If you are nice to them. All kidding aside, this might be my favorite place in Italy.

Every single summer I take the ferry from Rome, spend 6 long hours trying not to vomit on people and drive my car to a family house in Alghero, a former Spanish colony located in the upper-west side of the Sardinia island. But...don't you get tired of going to the same place over and over? Yes, I do. But when the blues kicks in I go and visit the lovely people of Sardoa's!Some sparkling wine, some tapas and all is right with the world.

The city centre at night is always busy but Piazza Duomo is pretty easy to find and, most importantly is relatively quite. Sardoa is easy to spot too: colorful seating made out of wooden fruit-box, a pink bicycle hanging next to the restaurant sign and yellow and blue tables that contrast with the bright crystal glasses filled with wine. It is the kind of place that makes tourists wanna peek in and have a look even when they are not planning on eating. Needless to say, I always go in and eat my heart out.

The city of Alghero is still deeply influenced by Catalonia (locals can all speak Catalonian) and Sardoa is the best expression of this fusion of cultures. Hamon iberico, potato Tortillas and Chorizo reign over the menu of this place and rightfully so. The best thing to do is to order mixed platters of Cheese with fruit jams and Cured meat. You can choose the size of the platter (Tagliere): half a platter or whole. Half a platter is enough if you are looking for a fast, fun Aperitivo; if, like myself, you want to fill your belly and spend the night there, go for the big one!

One of the waiters was a girl from Spain (she didn't speak Italian but somehow we managed to communicate with eachother) and she recommended the Pintxos: typical tapas from the Basque region. We tried an Iberico Pate with mustard-infused honey (to die for) and two toasted slice of bread, one with Spanish Sardines and basil, the other with artichokes, Pepper and Lard.

One would think that wine is going to be the ideal booze of choice for greasy Hamon, rich Tortillas and Sardinian Pecorino cheeses but the restaurant is actually famous for its selection of Gin and Tonics!! Sage, Cucumber, Juniper and smoked Rosemary are just some of the ingredients they use to make their signature cocktails and it doesn't end here. They make these 'Sparkling Drinks' which are basically sweet withe wine flavored with all sort of stuff and ice...lots of ice. I always get the Alghero Frizz (Sage and Lemon) because is not overly sweet; beware because you are going to end up drinking a lot!!But that's the beauty of it all isn't it?! Just get a taxi.
Trough the course of two weeks I spent in Alghero, I brought to Sardoa: my brother and his girlfriend, my parents, my best friend, my other best friend and if I had a date I would have brought  it there too. 

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