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Unexciting, normal, conventional, boring.    


Younger hipper alternative for women that don't want to be called grandma

Apparently any English speaking person might come to conclusion that this blog is going to be about 'the next big trend on stair lifts' or that I am going to spill the beans about 'the ultimate meat loaf recipe' but (sadly) that is not the case.

Vanilla is actually an Italian chubby (blonde) girl whose education (University of Gastronomic Sciences) and upbringing (classic matriarcal wooden-spoon Italian family) brought her to never ever skip a meal or, moreover, take it for granted. Enough talking about myself in third person..It's ridiculous.

I then took my passion for food abroad and started traveling around just to train my palate, craft my soul and, ultimately, try and make a living out of it. I did: firstly in London (Luxury Hospitality and Events Management) then back in my hometown (Food Retail, Storytelling).

This blog is going to be a place for smart food, cool Italian joints, fun recipes ('fun' is a cute way for getting away with the fact that I cannot cook) and, mostly, people. I will bring you along in my journey to 'being slightly overweight and loving it' and maybe give you some advice on where to grab a nice gelato or meet a family that has been making Provolone for centuries in good old Sicily!

Oh...I almost forgot. For those of you who do not hang out at Starbucks, Granitas are very characteristic Italian drink made out of ice and syrup/fruit nectar and I love them because you can flavor them with any ingredient you like, you can spread them into brioche buns (yes!) and, most importantly, you can add booze to them if you feel fancy.
That is the real reason behind my name: Camilla became Vanilla and Granita is life.

Rome based. Photography amateur. Dog owner.


  • Try and read my posts in your best Italian accent!It will be as if I was there with you
  • If you are in Italy on vacation or you are planning on going, contact me! I'd love to have a 'foreigner' point of view on the places and products I am going to review. It is my treat obviously ;)

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